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Buying & Selling

Find out what your property is worth in today's market

We're available to give you an indication of your property's market value in 'today's market'. As the market is constantly changing we are able to provide you with recent sales for similar properties in your location.

If you would like an indication of the value of your property, simply fill out the form below and we'll be in touch within due course to discuss your real estate plans.

Should you require an appraisal on a tenanted property we can discuss this too so as not to disrupt your tenants.


What you can expect

After requesting an appraisal, we will complete market research on your behalf so that we can better establish the market value of your property and recommend a marketing programme which will achieve the best results.


During the appraisal, we will first inspect your property then discuss your selling needs. Afterwards we will discuss the following points:

  • Positioning your property in the market
  • Choosing the right sale method for you
  • Creating a marketing plan specific to your needs

It is advised that all decision makers be in attendance so that all questions can be answered at this time.

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Methods Of Sale At A Glance


The advantages to an auction are numerous. An auction is designed to attract genuinely interested, cash-in-hand buyers. Those buyers are focused only on establishing the maximum price they are prepared to pay, not how low their offer should be. You set the terms, conditions and deadline. 

You agree on an undisclosed minimum reserve price. There’s also the very real possibility of acquiring a higher price, especially if keen buyer interest promotes competition.

There is even the opportunity to accept offers prior to auction day.

Auction marketing motivates genuine buyers to act. It’s also the least disruptive and intrusive method to sell you property. Most marketing is carried out over a short time (on average less than 30 days).


Fixed Price

The property is marketed at a price that is acceptable to the seller. If priced at fair market value good interest will be shown in the property and it may make it easier for potential buyers to determine whether the property is within their reach. It is usual for the buyers to begin negotiating below the listed price.


No Price

No price is a method of listing exclusively where the number of buyers is increased because your maximum price is not stated. In a changing market this type of marketing maybe employed for 1 – 2 weeks to get buyer feedback so that you do not over price your property and lose valuable time on the market and possibly miss the buyer who is waiting. 

No price can also be a strategy to test the market before going to auction.



This method of marketing creates a high profile for your property and establishes a competitive environment without having to list a price. You also set the terms, conditions and deadline. Prospective buyers become emotionally involved before they consider price and have only one opportunity to put forward their most competitive bid. You have the opportunity to accept, decline or continue negotiations with any interested party. It’s your choice. You’re in control. Increased enquiries and inspections are often generated by this sales strategy. All tender details remain undisclosed and absolutely confidential.