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Whether you are a first time buyer or an experienced property investor... I can help you buy the perfect property.


This list just touches on a few of the key points when considering buying your home. If you want more information or help give Maree a call anytime on 027 4433707.

I also offer a COMPLIMENTARY BUYERS GUIDE which includes information such as Finding a Home, Building Your Wish List, Searching for Properties, Understanding Auctions and Tenders and the Contract Process.


1. Get to know the market:
Spend time getting to know the market. Visiting open homes gives you benchmarks and comparisons of what your money can buy.


2. Mortgage pre-approval
You are competing with other buyers and being a cash buyer is a definite advantage. Contact a Mortgage Broker or your Bank to arrange pre-approved finance so you know where you stand. This will allow you to see what you can afford and enable you to move quickly when the right property comes along.  I work closely with Mortgage Express so email me now for a no-obligation referral.


3. Get real time information
Things can change quickly in the property market and it pays to be on the ball. We offer our clients free weekly updates and property alerts so you can hear about properties as soon as they come on the market and before print advertising. Click here to subscribe to my weekly update service.


4. Your Dream HomeYou would be surprised how many people buy the first property they look at with a real estate agent. You don’t always have to look at 40+ properties to find one that suits your needs….if you have already narrowed down what you need. I have a Buyers Wish List form which we can fill out together either over the phone, in person or alternatively can email this to you.  This ensures that I will go to work for you to find you your dream property without wasting your valuable time


5. Location location location
We’ve all heard the mantra…’buy the worst house in the best street’. It’s true…well located properties are a good longer term bet and make life a whole lot easier.


6. Budget for start-up
Purchasing a new home incurs legal costs, and often valuation reports, building reports, moving costs, and other sundry or unforeseen costs that can add up. Failing to budget for these on the way into a property can add unnecessary pressure and headaches you don’t need.  Allowing a contingency for repairs and/or finishing touches will ensure you stay afloat.


7. Council visit
When buying check that what you see and think you are getting is what you are actually getting and is legally compliant. Local council has a file on each property that is free for you to view…draw a sketch of the house and section and compare this to the council file. Is the boundary where you thought it was? Have any alterations made got the required permits? Ask if there are any developments planned that might affect the property you are interested in. For a small fee the council will photocopy the house plans and permits for you to take home.


8. A good lawyer is not necessarily the cheapest
Sure saving a couple of hundred bucks on a lawyer was a highlight…but sitting on a front lawn with a house truck in the road and no keys while you can see the vendors are still packing is not fun. It happens :-). You need good advice and want to make sure your settlement goes smoothly. Ask around and get a lawyer who knows what they are doing and has a reputation for good service.


9. Build in a maintenance contingency
Well maintained properties hold value better and cost less in the long-run (all things equal). People often underestimate or don’t have a contingency to keep a property up to standard. Work up a maintenance plan when you buy then you know what you are in for. Some property inspectors can do this for you. Big items can be factored into price discussions and having a plan for the smaller things will save you money in the long-run. What else are weekends for other than landscaping or painting :-)? Or we can refer you to a network of our preferred suppliers to get someone else to take care of these jobs – tell us what you need click here


Inspect Open Homes Yourself..
1. When looking through a potential home take your time.
2. Pause at the gate and take in the first impression.
3. As you walk through the home try to imagine what it would look like with your furniture in it. Would it fit?
4. Sit down in the living areas and have a good look around…at everything. Ceilings, light fittings, floors, views.
5. Calculate where the sun will come from in winter and summer.
6. Walk right around the exterior of the house.
7. Think about what maintenance needs to be done and whether you can do it or do you need to budget to get a professional in.
8. Ask about proximity to local schools and bus routes.

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